How to be the Best Marathon Runner?

Do you want to become the best marathon runner? Elite runners know that participating in a marathon is never a joke. Tempo runs will always challenge you. This is because speed, pace, and power are the requirements. Runners like Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia and Mo Farah of USA knows how to do it. Why not you?


However, don’t struggle again! There is always a room to improve for the next marathon. Get to know the way to work it out. Here are the tips that will help you to be the Best Marathon runner.


Do extra training at a Marathon Pace

For you to become the best runner, the pace is needed. When you are doing your intervals, set a conservative and good pace. You need to maintain this pace throughout the workout. The best thing in a marathon is being consistent all through. Don’t start too fast because you will flame out and be unable to finish. To do it well, let your last two 2 intervals be slightly faster.


Do the Half-Marathon


This will be one of your best exercises ever. It will prepare you physically and will enable you to test your energy and fitness. Before you participate in your goal marathon this exercise will important for you. About a month or 2 months before your final marathon try it. It will provide a powerful physical and mental lift. Try to run slightly faster in the half-marathon than your final marathon goal pace.


Dress the part


You cannot afford to fail on this one. Please do not run the marathon using a T-shirt made of cotton. In a real running attires, you will make your runs much easier. Such running clothes are made of nylon or Coolmax. Make sure that the marathon outfit you pick does not irritate your skin. Such attires make your body feel comfortable during the training and marathon.


Make comparisons


When you are in training make a comparison. This is very important especially when you want to gauge yourself and your progress. Let you coaching staff help you on this. Compare your last session with your today session and see whether you have made an improvement on time. Seeing an improvement will boost your morale and helps inspire confidence.


Mile repeats


This is the best speed workout that you as a runner can do. It will help you to run faster in a marathon. Just try to run mile repeats many times, at least once a week. Start with 2 to 3 repeats all the way to 6 repeats. You are supposed to run faster in these repeats and take 15 to 20 seconds less than your goal marathon pace. With this, you will easily recover and add your pace.


Increase and strengthen your weekly mileage


As you run more miles in a week be sure that your heart will strengthen. This improves your strength energy and also supports your muscles in delivering of more blood. This will help you to run longer and faster. Also, don’t forget to check your health. Be prepared with best cure for swollen feet every after runs. With the above tips, it’s your turn to prove yourself and be the best marathon runner.


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